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Belum Caves Overview

Belum Caves is the largest and longest tourist cave in Indian subcontinent known for its stalactite and stalagmite formations. Belum Caves have long passages, spacious chambers, fresh water galleries and siphons. It is a natural underground cave formed by the constant flow of underground water. The caves reach its deepest point known as Pataalaganga. Belum Caves has a length of 3229 metres, in Indian Subcontinent after the famed caves in Meghalaya. British surveyor Robert B F brought the caves under attention of the scientific world and later on a detailed analysis and exploration lead to the discovery of the mystic caves. After that, the state government declared them protected areas and Andhra Pradesh Tourism developed the caves as a tourist destination in February 2002. The cave has successfully been explored, though only a limited section is open to the tourists. There are 16 various ways, including the main entrance and there are deposits of Quartz in the caves. The caves are formed in Black Limestone.

Distance Duration
120kms(approx) 12hrs(approx)
Car type 8 Hours 12 Hours
INNOVA/XYLO Starting Starting
TAVERA/TEMPO Starting Starting

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