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Rayadurg Overview

Rayadurg means ‘King’s Hill Fortress”. It was an important fort under the Rayadurg Palegars. The Fort was built by one Junga Nayak. The Palegars under the Vijayanagar Empire supervised the administration of the fort. They were an agitated set of people and the emperor sent his officer to drive them out from the Fort. The Palegars were driven out by the emperor and the hill fort was named ‘Bhupatriyakonda’. The Bedars took hold of the Fort after the Battle of ‘Rakshasa Tangadi’. The battle of Rakshasa Tangadi was a bitter battle fought between Rama Rayalu the son in law of King Sri Krishna Deva Raya and the Muslim united force, which was a confederation of the Deccan Sultans. Rama Rayalu was betrayed by his own Muslim generals when the tide of war turned against his force. It is said that one of Rama Rayalu’s Muslim generals stabbed him at the back and he was captured and beheaded. The Muslim invaders destroyed the fort with all implements they had. Later the Muslim force was driven out by Koneti Nayak. His son, Venkatapathi Nayak, who had enmity with the Palegars, fortified it. Later Tipu Sultan captured the fort and it was annexed to the province of Gooty.

Distance Duration
120kms(approx) 12hrs(approx)
Car type 8 Hours 12 Hours
INNOVA/XYLO Starting Starting
TAVERA/TEMPO Starting Starting

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