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Lepakshi Overview

Lepakshi is a small quaint village with a trail of several great kingdoms that once ruled the area. Located in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh, today this place is a trove of several fascinating archeological sites and beautiful ancient temples. Lepakshi is also renowned for showcasing the Vijayanagari style of architecture in its temples holding a reflection of its past relics. Each structure narrating a story of its own, this enchanting village also derives its name from Sanskrit language meaning 'rise o bird' and has folklore attached to it. As per the legend, Jatayu in order to prevent the abduction of Sita was mortally injured by Ravana and fell here. It was in this condition he was found by Lord Rama and Lakshman and thus the place came to known as Lepakshi. Apart from richly carved temples, the most striking feature of this village is a largest monolithic idol of Nandi in the entire subcontinent. Each aspect of the place oozes charm and has a rustic feel about it that can be clearly seen through its intriguing cultural heritage and touches of local tribe customs.

Distance Duration
120kms(approx) 12hrs(approx)
Car type 8 Hours 12 Hours
INNOVA/XYLO Starting Starting
TAVERA/TEMPO Starting Starting

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