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Indira Gandhi Zological Park Overview

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is one of the largest zoological parks of Andhra Pradesh situated in Visakhapatnam. Spread across an area of around 625 acres, the zoological park is named after Indira Gandhi the former Prime Minister of India. Surrounded by Eastern Ghats on three sides, the park has the flowing Bay of Bengal on its fourth side. Housing more than 80 species of fauna and avifauna, the park provides natural ambiance and habitat to these species. Further, the zoological park is surrounded by Kambalakonda Reserve Forest, which also offers natural habitat to various species of birds and animals. The park provides special sections for primates, lesser carnivores, carnivores, small mammals, reptiles, ungulates and birds. Tourists can spot various animals in the park including Rhesus Monkey, Mandrills, Tigers, Pumas, Olive and Sacred Baboons. Apart from this, Panthers, Lions, Jaguars, Wolves, Hyena, Jackals and Ratels are the prominent animals that can be seen in the park. Housing variety of herbivores and reptiles, the park is a natural habitat for Pythons, Tortoise, Monitor Lizards, Snakes, Elephant, Bison, Spotted Deer and Sambar. Pied Hornbills, Painted Storks, Peacocks, Ducks, Cocktails and Macaws are the prominent avifauna that can be seen in the park. A special mini train is also available for riding within the park premises.

Distance Duration
120kms(approx) 12hrs(approx)
Car type 8 Hours 12 Hours
INNOVA/XYLO Starting Starting
TAVERA/TEMPO Starting Starting

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